The Kendeda Building

The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design is the Southeast's premiere net-positive building. This ground-breaking building is located on Georgia Tech's campus and certified as a "Living Building" by the the Living Futures Institute. It was built in partnership with Southface Institute.

For the opening of the Kendeda Building, I collaborated with Georgia Tech and the Living Futures Institute to create a family-friendly map of the Kendeda Building. This map guided over 200 guests through the Kendeda Building by highlighting its innovative sustainability features. 

Kendeda Building.jpg
Kendeda Building Inside.jpg

In addition to creating a detailed map of the building, I crafted native tree leaf pledge cards that were filled out by event attendees with a sustainability pledge they made at the opening event. These pledges were attached to a sustainability pledge tree and are on display in the Kendeda Building today.

Leaf Layout v1_Page_1.jpg
Leaf Layout v1_Page_4.jpg
Leaf Layout v1_Page_3.jpg
Leaf Layout v1_Page_2.jpg