Georgia Health Policy Center

The Georgia Health Policy Center is a renowned public health nonprofit organization that works to integrate research, policy, and programs to advance health and well-being.
I collaborate with 
leading health experts to translate complex research into clear impactful communications. These aid policymakers, corporations, and nonprofits in pivotal local, state, national, and international health decisions.

I designed the Georgia Health Policy equity timeline. This timeline was shared with stakeholders across the U.S. to illustrate the center's historic commitment to incorporating equity into their work.

I redesigned and updated the Georgia Health Policy Center's internal newsletter, modernizing and streamlining user interface to allow employees to navigate the newsletter more easily and make it more attractive for reader engagement.


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Insider 1_edit.png
Insider 2_edit.png

I translated complex health models and research data into easy to digest graphics. These efforts made the information easier to understand and utilize. The example below shows how health organizations can work together across sectors to achieve positive outcomes.

Draft Aligning Graphic_png.png