Belvedere Park Neighborhood Association

Currently, I serve as the president of my neighborhood association, which I also helped launch. The Belvedere Park neighborhood is encompasses over 1500 homes. Our mission is to build a more equitable, healthy, and friendly environment for all neighbors and motivate residents into action to better our community. 

Co-designed and assisted in organization of the 300 square foot “Welcome to Belvedere Park” community entryway mural. 20+ community members voluntarily painted for two days, transforming a former eyesore into a welcoming meet-and-greet location. Participants included legacy residents to new residents and even people from nearby communities who wanted to pick up a brush to be part of this new landmark.


The white river flowing through the background represents Shoal Creek, which runs throughout our neighborhood. The leaves reflect the colorful foliage in our community, including fig leaves. The tree is the logo of the original neighborhood association. Under it is the year our neighborhood was established, 1952. Lastly, the owl is the logo of our current neighborhood association, the Belvedere Park Neighborhood Association.


Before Wall.jpg


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Compromised and negotiated with townhome developers moving into our neighborhood to change their designs to meet neighborhood needs. For example modifications included, working with a local arborist to preserve the natural foliage that is currently established, improving and widening Julian St. on the south side of the development, and adding more parking spaces inside the townhome complex to combat congestion in the surrounding streets. Through surveying neighbors and voicing community opinions at government meetings, transformed a once negative relationship with this developer into one of positive partnership and enthusiasm.

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Organized the first ever Belvedere Park Community Cookout in partnership with the five other members of the Belevedere Park Neighborhood Association Board of Directors. Residents from throughout the neighborhood connected with each other for the first time since the pandemic started due to the easing of the pandemic. Over 70 people attended including our District County Commissioner, our Super District County Commissioner, and the County Chief of Police. Additionally, I designed the invitation for the cookout.

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